A Brigadier has already completed 3 courses: Costa Rica, Patagonia and the United States

31 May 2019 - Written by Marine Amoros

I first travelled with the Brigade to Costa Rica, then to Patagonia and finally to the United States.


I spent my very first night in Costa Rica, in a beautiful bay where I saw sharks and dolphins, just like that!


I still remember the smell of fish cooking on the barbecue, which the brigadiers had just caught.


Every night, they have a drink on the roof, on the beach, on top of a hill, in a farm… in fact it’s always a surprise. We are not safe from a firework display like I had at Christmas, a view of a volcano like in Costa Rica or a sumptuous sunset like in the United States…

The rhythm is never the same, you can drive for hours watching the landscapes scroll through Natasha’s bay windows, go on excursions or “chill out”. Every day is different: we went hiking like at the Cerro Chato or Torres Del Paine volcano, on horseback like in Patagonia, we rested in the hammocks near the coconut trees, we went deep-sea fishing, harpooning, fly fishing, we went kayaking, paddling, cycling or simply soaking in warm water. Not to mention canyoneering and swimming in Costa Rica’s thermal waterfalls.

Personally, what impressed me the most were the simple moments when we all gathered in the kitchen. Natasha is very well equipped as well. One prepares the cocktails, while others prepare the dish or dessert, all recipes are allowed, and everyone participates. That’s when the smells burst: sea bream ceviche at Christmas, asado in Argentina, grilled salmon with clay, langoustines, banana cake… you can feel that the aperitif is getting ready, you take out the deck of cards and then start endless conversations and many fun times…


There are festive evenings and quieter evenings when you watch a film on the overhead projector under the stars. And you choose where you sleep, in the cabin and cocooning room at the back, in the tent on the roof or in the bunk beds. We slept really well, perhaps too well… it’s the smell of coffee that wakes us up. The Brigadiers take care of preparing us a breakfast: omelettes, fruit salad and orange juice, and I assure you that you need vitamins to start the day full of surprises!