The 3 dream destinations for 2019

31 May 2019 - Written by Marine Amoros

The Belize

This is the second largest coral reef in the world. Turquoise water: its Caribbean coast will send you into a dream. Not to mention the diversity found in the land: caves of all kinds in the middle of a tropical forest. Do you know the big blue hole? Careful, we didn’t say the big blue one!

That’s what you see in the picture above. In fact, it is an underwater cenote located off the coast of Belize, it is part of the Lighthouse Reef and it is protected within the Belizean coral reef. Originally it was a limestone cave that collapsed when the sea level rose too high. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

So, take your fins and dive in or fly over it with a helicopter!

Lofoten Islands – Norway

The Lofoten Islands are in northern Norway, at the end of a peninsula. This secret place is totally magical. We take a breath of fresh air, observe the boreal lights, sleep in its small cabin, called rorbu (the old fishermens’ huts) … Mountains, fjords, long beaches, fishing villages, whales… everything will amaze you. You just have to rug up yourself well to discover this world apart. Travel between the islands by kayak, for fishing enthusiasts it is time to try your luck, the archipelago is also very famous for trekking. Finally, don’t forget to try the stockfish, a dried fish made from freshly caught cod. The stockfish is often the staple of many dishes served in local restaurants. Have a nice walk and a good tasting!


Namib Desert – In Namibia

Considered the oldest desert in the world, the Namib stretches 1500 km long and 80 to 150 km wide.

The Namib is a coastal desert, its dunes plunge into the Atlantic Ocean with a vertical drop of 800 meters. The banks of the Namib are very rich in fish, the cute sin of seabirds and sea lions which have obviously invaded the area.

The Namib is the oldest desert in the world, but it also has the highest dunes in the world, the Sossusvlei dunes can reach 300 metres in height. The latter are located in a desert of salt and clay. As you can see, it is a desert unlike any other. The colours are breath-taking, you will see a mixture of copper, ochre and yellow on a very intense blue sky, which can also contrast with the white of the salt desert depending on where you are.

Don’t miss the Namib-Naukluft National Park with its many unusual landscapes, from stony desert to savannah, from colourful mountains to the sea of red dunes…



The three destinations are very varied, so good luck making your choice!