How does a trip with the Brigade work?

28 May 2019 - Written by

This is a typical route with The Brigade!

First of all, you land at a designated place: Las Vegas, Los Angeles….

The schoolbus is waiting for you at the airport or further away depending on accessibility in the city. If you ever have to join it, it is best to take a taxi from the airport. We can also send you a shuttle, don’t panic!

Each bus can accommodate up to 6 people, you can come alone, with friends, family… We’ll spend a few days in the city where you’ll land. Coming to Las Vegas without going to the casino is impossible!


First spot:

The schoolbus lands and then something magical happens! It deploys its aerial tents, hammocks, barbecue, petanque ground, canoe and paddle if you are by a lake… you are free to do what you like.

Do you want to rest? Play cards? Go fishing? Do a particular activity: rafting? climbing? horse riding? hiking?


The Chief Brigadier drives the schoolbus but above all he advises you on the best activities to do. As a little something extra, he prepares delicious meals. If you want and like to cook, you can also participate with great pleasure. Anything is allowed: grilled vegetables? meat? ceviche? cakes? culinary inventions?

Meals or aperitifs allow you to discover your team and have a good time. Feel free to have your coffee or a glass of wine on the rooftop of our buses, the sunrises and/or sunsets are always sublime.

Concerning the organization inside the bus, you have a very comfortable bed as well as a cupboard for your belongings. Hot water is available in the shower! Some of our buses are equipped with an Ikamper tent on the roof, so you can sleep there to watch the stars…

A little tired? we take out the popcorn, hammocks and broadcast a film on the overhead projector. Tonight, is resting under the stars by the fire in front of the last Marvel!

Just to be clear, meals, gas and accommodation are part of the entire package. Only plane tickets, activities and extras (cigarettes, alcohol) are not included.

Last but not least, you will be in the heart of nature, so animals will be your friends: bears, antelopes, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, deer, deer…

Second, third… spot:

Depending on the program you stay between 1 night, 2 or 3 nights at a location. On the road, you can sit in the living room to observe the magnificent landscapes, in your bed to rest, there are even some who cook (we warn you it moves!).


During the last spot:

Unfortunately, this is the end, you have to pack your things and as for the departure, the schoolbus will drop you off as close as possible to the airport.

Don’t be sad, The Brigade has already planned other routes for next year!